The Senior Masters
Senior Masters

The Senior Masters of the United Tang Soo Do Federation

All present are original students and are ranked 6th Dan or higher with between 15 to 40 years membership with Grandmaster Pak.

Seated:  Grandmaster Song K. Pak and Tae K. Ha

Front Row Standing (Left to Right):  M. Arington, L. Clark, L. Crosby, R. Sixkiller, D. Grimsley, D. Crosby, R. Furguson

Back Row Standing (Left to Right):  B. Peeples, T. Ary, E. Johnson, M. Kramer, C. Peeples,
N. Alexander, P. Williams, C. Chapman


Black Belt Instructors

Black Belt Instructors of the United Tang Soo Do Federation

Photo taken at the 2009 UTF World Championships in Brunswick, GA