The United Tang Soo Do Federation

Pak’s Karate Academy

The United Tang Soo Do Federation is a group of independently owned schools operating under the name “Pak’s Karate” to honor the founder and leader of our style of Tang Soo Do – Grandmaster Song Ki Pak.  Founded in 1980, the United Tang Soo Do Federation is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL at Pak’s Karate Academy, 1840 Blanding Blvd.  Here, Grandmaster Pak teaches classes daily and hosts seminars, tournaments, and training events for his Master Instructors who own and operate their own schools worldwide.  For more information about the Federation, contact Grandmaster Pak at 904-384-1111.

Pak’s Karate Academy

Teaching all ages from children to seniors.

Thank you to Fariborz Azhakh.
This video means so much to the Black Belts who made the complete journey. 
The beginning student can only imagine.

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