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Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL (904) 384-1111

1840 Blanding Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL  32210

Teaching Korean Martial Art in North America, South America, South Korea, Japan, England, and the Caribbean.


Locations in the United States:

Florida:  Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Mandarin, Beaches, Orange Park, Bartram Park, Palatka, Keystone Heights, Palm Coast

Georgia:  Brunswick, Waycross, St. Mary’s, Folkston

Louisiana:  Bossier City, Haughton, Minden

Michigan:  Grand Rapids

Missouri:  Belton

New York:  Copiague, Gilboa, Woodstock

Texas:  Livingston, Onalaska, Willis

Virginia:  Virginia Beach

Locations in South Korea:

Koon Po City, Seoul, Bu Chu City, Koon Po City, An Yang City, Soon Chun City

Locations in Bermuda:


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The United Tang Soo Do Federation/Pak's Karate Academy is one of the world's premiere Korean Martial Arts Federations consisting of over 100 schools united under the direction of Grandmaster Song K. Pak. Each school is directed by highly trained professional Martial Arts instructors who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of their students and the Martial Arts as a whole. With over 22,000  members and 2,800 Black Belts, the United Tang Soo Do Federation is one of the largest traditional Martial Arts organizations.


To provide high quality, traditional Korean Martial Arts instruction to dedicated students of any age who strive for continued self-improvement in all aspects of their life.

Because self-improvement is one of our primary focuses, anyone can succeed in our course of instruction. We do not compare what you can do to what another student can do. We are more concerned by how you overcome your own personal challenges. We understand that not everyone has the same physical and mental abilities. The professionalism and dedication of the school directors ensures that everyone can be a successful Martial Artist.

If you are interested in joining the United Tang Soo Do Federation, contact our Federation Headquarters in Jacksonville, FL for more information at (904) 384-1111 or write to the following address:

The United Tang Soo Do Federaton
Attn: Grandmaster Song K. Pak
1840 Blanding Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32210.

The United Tang Soo Do Federation and Pak's Karate Academy also offers certification for Black Belts, Instructors, Students, Schools, and business consulting for existing schools.

Grandmaster Song Ki Pak

Click HERE for the history of Grandmaster Pak